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Monday, December 6, 2010

Taking the Process Pledge

  • It's a crisp Monday morning, with flurries floating free on on the wind, making me feel as if somehow I'm cozy and warm inside a gently shaken snow globe.  I was reading Malka Dubrawsky's post about her upcoming book tour for her wonderful new book, Fresh Quilting. (A must have/use! To go to her site, A Stitch in Dye:  a stitch in dye ). I'm in the middle of checking out the spots on her tour (great links--check it out!) when I see, on the Tall Grass Prairie Studio blog (http://www.tallgrassprairiestudio.blogspot.com/), an "I Took the Process Pledge" button.  I am all about process--in my teaching of writing, in my creative work, in my life--I relish the process part of thinking, planning, doing, unfolding, and surprise.  Following the button, I find the sweet, really, serene blog by rOssie: http://r0ssie.blogspot.com/   What a great idea!  I Took the Process Pledge myself.  And even though I am process-oriented, I don't always or even often remember or take the time to snap pictures and share that process, so thanks, Rossie, for this great reminder. I shall try harder!
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