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Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Inspiration


I just received, via parcel post, the new-to-me, but clearly very-loved-by-someone before me, book titled Colorful Stitchery, by Kirstin Nicholas.  Published in 2005, I'm not sure how I missed this gem from my southern "neighbor" on her sheep farm in Amherst, Massachusetts, just over an hour's drive from my house in south-western New Hampshire.
Here's just one of the inspired and inspiring pages from this book.

Some of her designs are really funky and fresh. I'm especially enamored with her seemingly sashiko influenced pillow embroidery designs.

Check out her work and her gorgeous wools and patterns!

Watch for my Nicholas' inspired work here soon.  I may not be able to get around much with this eternal cast and crutches, but I am finding a silver lining in the extra time to create and keep the dining table cluttered with materials and projects.



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